Start your assured testing services with us backed by the quality you can trust. At Codevisory, we not only offer a wide range of Software Quality Assurance Services, but we also give flexibility to clients to choose Testing Services that best suits their needs.

Codevisory has got Testing Experts who do quality assurance testing by carrying technical investigation to ensure that your software meets the correctness, efficiency, and security requirements. If your business needs any of the below aspects, then Codevisory can be your best Testing Partner:

  • If you need to Reduce Costs with Low-Cost Offshore Testing Resources adding to your existing Software Testing Activities.
  • If you are considering improving your testing team ability by having specialized offshore support with less turnaround time and faster onboarding.
  • If it is time to enhance the test coverage with less testing time and cost by implementing a complete test automation solution.

Our professional-quality assurance services and improvement related services are structured to meet various business requirements like content reviews, data verification, usability analysis, functional testing, copy editing, and localization support. These value-added services guarantee clarity and accuracy for all your business testing needs.


What we do?

  • Collaborative planning and projection process
  • Provisioning of production support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities
  • Best-practice approach to high-performance and improved-quality testing solutions
  • Continuous optimization of processes to attain delivery

Our Value Propositions

  • Planned approach of various testing requirements
  • Structured approach to avoid overlap phases
  • Build highly-skilled and efficient core team
  • Ensure flexibility of resources at various project phases
  • Develop a formal Risk Management System
  • Deliver higher quality services
  • Faster time-to-market