Paul Hayman

CEO / Managing Director

An unlikely route to head up a technology company – Paul’s background is from the construction and timber industries. Owning and running, innovative companies in those sectors helped him to hone his passion for IT. A dedicated team leader focused on improving processes, automation and business systems.

Srikanth Madishetti


Vastly experienced in the IT industry, since early 2000s, with a strong grasp in deploying cost effective business solutions, on/offshore sourcing, and developing security firewalls, Srikanth is an encouraged and data-driven enabler.

Apart from his rich experience in the IT industry, Srikanth helps and enables other experts in the IT industry to channel their knowledge and effectively help organizations by speaking at Adobe technology forums.

Jeremy Yelland


A former professional software engineer with experience of developing businesses and launching new products and software applications.

My key strengths lie in all forms of web development, eCommerce, search engine optimisation, database design, website diagnostics (SEO Forensics) IT Training, Business Development, eLearning and social media marketing.

Specialities: Search Engine Optimisation, Website diagnostics, eCommerce, Risk Assessment, database design, Coldfusion, ASP, C++, CSS, Social Media, Online Marketing

Sukumar Madishetti

Consultant – Data Science, IoT, AI and Machine Learning

Sukumar is a talented professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Sukumar is an expert in data analytics, data science, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Azure IOT Stack.

His rich experience in the field of data analytics helps the employees at Codevisory understand their responsibilities better and enables them to see the future with an expert-eye’s view.

The Chief Data Officer at Codevisory is an enabler of the dream to help organizations utilize and process the data for their better stance in the market and gain a competitive advantage over the others.