As with great responsibility comes great power, data analytics brings to you more actionable insights and knowledge. With data being the new oil, it’s time for businesses to make moves that are data backed and assured with the right kind of information. We at Venkusa Technologies, empower the businesses with the benefits of data, extract the right data, and put together important facts leveraging the businesses to make their stance over their competitions. 

Our vision

Data analytics and science is one of the most complicated and crucial aspects of data understanding today. Unlike other service industries, data science needs precision, patience, and expertise to carve the golden ball. Our team of experts has made the brand shine and raised our heads high. 

At Codevisory, we believe to make the journey of ideation to data collection and analyzing easy and innovative. And our vision attracts talents that let us achieve the goals efficiently. 

Our expertise

NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING: We understand the NLP solutions, and work to make the conversations between humans and computers more meaningful. 

BIG DATA SERVICES: Our team of experts helps you in accessing large amounts of data and extract useful information to make better decisions.

DATA ANALYTICS: At Codevisory, we help you read the raw data and gather insights for the latest trends. 

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS: Enhance your business with technology-driven data analyzing processes and provide actionable insights to your employees. 

COMPUTER VISION: At Codevisroy, we help you train the computers to understand the visual world better.  

DATA WAREHOUSING: Our experts help you construct a data warehouse from multiple sources of data to support reporting, queries, and decision making.

Who do we help?

Data has taken the world with a storm, and organizations are driving their efforts to generate as much data as possible. While we can technically help all types of organizations irrespective of their size, we think it’s best to break it down for a better understanding. 

STARTUPS: The startup ideas are mind-blowing and we at Codevisory can help these organizations realize the potential of data, collect the data, analyze the data, and transform it to something meaningful. With data by your side, you can gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

SMBs: SMBs are a great enabler of ideas and hold a lot of potential to make changes to the world. Our expertise empowers you with the potential of AI, data science, analytics, and ML, and lets you expand your services. 

LARGER ENTERPRISES: The larger the organization, the larger and complex is the data collected. With the power of data science, we help the organizations find ways to improvise. We analyze your data systems and implement techniques using our knowledge and expertise.