Data Science

Enterprise Data Warehouse


Acquire Data, Transform and Load

No more Manual Effort for Data Preparation with Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) Process


Data Security

Your Customer Data is Highly Secured as we provide Role-Based Access only for Authorized Personnel

Enterprise Data Architecture Services

We have expertized Data Architects to understand your Business Needs and Build Customized Data Architecture for you


Process Automation and Quality

Automate your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Process by implementing the Applicable Business Rules

Machine Learning

In today’s Data-Driven World, Data Patterns play a crucial role for gaining business benefits and stay ahead of competition. They increase the revenues of the firms by driving Data-Driven Decision Making and Effective Marketing. We help our clients to understand their customer’s patterns and we Co-Build ‘Machine Learning Models’ along with our clients based on their Business Models. With our expertise we can provide various Machine Learning Solutions using:

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Deep Learning
  • Supervised / Unsupervised Learning

Cognitive Services

Building your own Websites, Business Apps, and Bots is no more a herculean task with Cognitive Services. Intelligent Algorithms are used with In-Built Intelligence which enables:

  • Creating Conversational Questions and Answers over your available data
  • Detecting possibly Offensive or Unwanted Content
  • Distinguishing Sentiment, Key Phrases, and Named Entities.
  • Identifying and verifying the people speaking based on audio.
  • Recognizing Images which fits your Business Needs
  • Detecting and Identifying People and their Emotions in Images and many more

Internet of Things

In this post Covid era connecting everything and everyone digitally is utmost important and IoT achieves it efficiently. IoT can make the World Smarter, Faster and Better than ever before. We at Codevisory are determined to help organizations by Connecting Various Devices and Assets, Integrating the Right Sensors and Deriving the Data Patterns. This helps in Building the Intelligence for Identifying the Anomalies, Business Process Improvement, Data Harmony resulting in Better Decision Making.